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Best books about Time Management


"Finish" by Jon Acuff 

"Finish" identifies perfectionism as a major barrier to achieving goals and offers practical, research-backed strategies to overcome it. Jon Acuff encourages readers to adopt a more enjoyable and less pressurized approach to projects. He provides lessons on embracing imperfections, prioritizing effectively, and tracking progress to sustain motivation. This book is not only a guide to completing what you start but also an invitation to fundamentally change your approach to tasks and goals by allowing yourself to be strategically imperfect.

Why "Finish" worth it

  • Overcome Perfectionism: Acuff explains how perfectionism not only stalls progress but can also kill projects before they even start. This book offers effective methods to combat this, making it essential for anyone paralyzed by the need for perfection.
  • Practical Strategies: Unlike many self-help books that provide abstract advice, "Finish" offers concrete, actionable strategies based on research. These include setting attainable goals, knowing when to let go of unnecessary details, and how to maintain enthusiasm for long-term projects.
  • Motivational: Acuff’s writing style is engaging and motivational. He not only instructs but also inspires, pushing you to start finishing with a more relaxed, fulfilled approach. This book encourages readers to keep moving forward, even when progress seems slow.

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